20/20 @ 25: Serving through the Eyes of Love

When one thinks of eye banking and corneal transplantation, it is the technical aspect and surgical skill that often come to mind. Not many realize that none of it would be possible without the generous hearts that made the decision to sign donor cards or to donate the corneas or eyes of their loved ones during their time of immeasurable grief. The eye bank would also not be where it is today without the selfless dedication of those who continuously strive to make corneas available to fill the endless demand. And the eye bank would not have been sustained through the years without partners and advocates whose generous support and friendship have enriched our lives as well as the lives of our countrymen. Everything boils down to heart. Love, actually.

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About Eye Bank Foundation

Since 1995 the EBFP, through its medical eye bank known as the Santa Lucia International Eye Bank of Manila (SLIEB), has brought hope and renewed life to thousands of blind individuals through corneal transplants.

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