Kobe Andrei Tejero: Hero of Samar, First Eye Tissue Donor of Eastern Visayas

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Aug 21, 2019

Kobe Andrei Tejero: Hero of Samar, First Eye Tissue Donor of Eastern Visayas

In the afternoon of August 20, 2019, a young man has joined the hands of our Creator.

Death, especially death of a loved one, is one of the most difficult experience that a family has to face.

But amidst the pain and grief, the family of Kobe Andrei Tejero has chosen to donate his eyes so that others, like Kobe, may live a wonderful and fulfilling life.

For some months now, the Eastern Visayas Medical Center Organ Donation Committee has been giving seminars and orientations. But it was Kobe who has really broken the ground for organ donation in Eastern Visayas.

In his last hours, as Dr. Frances Marie Roa-Lingad said, Kobe and his family thought of others. This selfless act became the initiative for doctors, nurses, and other health personnel to move mountains and grant their wish to give the gift of sight to those in need.

Kobe fought a good fight and passed away peacefully surrounded by his family. He lived a beautiful life and it deserves to be beautifully remembered.

Indeed, Kobe, like all organ donors before him, deserves the highest salutation that we can give. This is one of the noblest things a person can do, that even in death, he has chosen to give.

The Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines along with its partners extend its utmost gratitude to the family of this young hero.

We hope that through this generous act, many others will also pledge their organs and share the gift of life to those in need.

Let us honor Kobe by doing what he has done.

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