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A Hero for Heroes

When Jason Infante passed at the young age of 18, his family decided to donate his corneas. During his lifetime, Jason was known to be a dynamic leader of the Sanguniang Kabataan, filled with a desire to help and to live towards the betterment of others.   Jason's corneas have given two soldiers who lost their sight in battle a chance to see again. Like Jason, countless Filipinos have joined the call to fight corneal blindness in the Philippines and all across the world.  

Miko Sotto Memorial Fund

In year 2003, the Miko Sotto Memorial Fund of the Eye Bank Foundation was established in honor of the young actor whose corneas were donated to the Eye Bank. This fund aims to help sustain the information and educational campaigns of the Eye Bank.
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AJ Perez donates cornea

After the late actor AJ Perez’s parents donated their son’s corneas to the Eye Bank, he also became the Eye Bank Foundation’s Poster boy on August 2011. Aside from that, his parents continue to support the foundation through helping in this advocacy.
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