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Aside from distributing corneal and eye tissues to corneally blind patients which is the primary and on-going project of the foundation, the eye bank has other projects in conjunction with its main mission. These include:

Public Information and Education Campaign

Seminars, documentary film-showing, distribution of pledge forms in schools, churches, malls and hospitals are some of the activities regularly held by the Eye Bank that aim to clarify facts and misconceptions about corneas and eye donation. The information dissemination program endeavors to make cornea/eye donation a “customary thing to do” and make people more realize that is a beautiful legacy that can make a difference in other people’s lives. The campaign also involves outreach…
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Eye Bank Surgical Fund

The Eye Bank Surgical Fund was established in October 1999 with the support of the International Federation of Eye and Tissue Banks (IFETB), ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation and the Aboitiz Foundation and surgeons from all over the country who render their services for free. It grew out of the realization that indigent patients are so financially strapped that they could not afford to pay for the ancillary expenses (operating room costs, sutures, anesthesia and medications) entailed in a transplant…
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Continuous Distribution of Free Eye Tissue for Charity Patients

The The continuous distribution of eye tissue totally free of charge to charity / indigent patients throughout the country. More than three(3) million pesos worth of transplantable tissues are subsidized yearly by the foundation for charity patients in need of corneal transplants in both government and charity hospitals from as Far North as Baguio City to as far South as Davao City.
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